Join Us for
VirtualDigitalExpo 2020

August 18, 2020

A Worldwide Virtual Online Marketing Trade Show

Interact Live

It’s becoming more and more clear that it will be a while before we can attend any trade show in person again. Let’s pull together as an industry and meet virtually! While inside the Virtual Digital Expo, all online, you’ll visit our sponsors & booths, you can interact and chat live with their employees, see their videos, get their online flyers and links, watch speakers to hear what’s going on in the industry currently, connect privately, and much more! The tech is pretty amazing and we can’t wait for you all to experience it together.


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Worldwide Hours

Anyone in any market can participate! Attend and network during a time that is convenient for you.

Expo Features

Networking & Lead Generation

Our customized questionnaire and algorithm will provide a personalized match list to expedite the networking process and suggest which people and booths are best suited for one another. Also, you can drop off/collect virtual business cards and get qualified leads from the contact forms at your booth. Strike up conversations in chat groups, in the Networking Lounge, and so much more!


One day of the show will be reserved for industry legends to present with a wide range of current topics. In addition to our keynote speakers, anyone who is an exhibitor at the Expo can host a speaking event from their very own booth! SPEAKERS TBA SOON.

Live Demos & Presentations

Present videos and demos at your booth or screenshare to show off your stuff, LIVE! Want to make a big splash? Pick a larger booth with multiple screens so you can present multiple promo videos AND live chat features.

Private and Group Chat

At each booth, companies and attendees can chat on a large scale one-to-many or take a discussion to a private chat to discuss details and seal the deal!

Exclusive Industry Interviews

Get to know the people making moves with live video interviews on the Expo show floor. Tune in to our main screens content for on-the-spot conversations with people from some of the hottest booths on the Expo show floor!

AFFY Awards

The coveted AFFY Awards for Digital Marketing Achievement will be presented. Past winners include Gary Vaynerchuk, Snoop Dogg, Shawn Collins & Missy Ward, and more! Tune in to see which of our deserving nominees will take home this events recognitation.

Networking Events

Every 2 weeks we'll invite our members, social media groups and Affiliate Ball database to come network to find the right targeted people you're looking for. At least 5 different industry categories will each have a live networking room and industry celebrity host to help keep our rooms on track!