What times of the day is the show running?
Wednesday, June 3 and Thursday, June 4 are official Expo days. We are promoting the official operating hours of the Expo as 12 – 5pm EDT. However, because this is virtual, you can explore booths and interact 24/7! We anticipate the highest traffic in that 5-hour window and encourage all exhibitors and attendees to be present to maximize their networking capabilities. But feel free to hop in and out at all hours of the day.

Friday, June 5 is our Keynote Speaker day. While the Expo floor and all it has to offer will still be open, we recommend everyone check out the speakers we have lined up for some great industry insight!

I love making connections at in-person trade shows. How can I make the same business connections in the virtual world?
We know some other virtual trade shows may be a bit boring with just video chats and speaking events – but the Virtual Digital Expo wants to make sure you and your company can network and get helpful leads/connections for your business! There's no better place to start with that than our Networking Lounge, where attendees/exhibitors can connect in a LIVE chat and take it private to close the deal. Or schedule to meet up in one of our Coffee Shops and Drink Bars. Visiting a company's booth? LIVE chat with a representative to ask questions and make a connection, or leave a virtual business card with your info to be contact later. The opportunities to meet and network with others are endless!

What's the schedule or agenda for the event?
A more detailed agenda will be sent out to all attendees and exhibitors prior to the event. But here is a broad look at the day-to-day schedule we have currently in place:

Wednesday, June 3:
12pm EDT – Expo Officially Opens
5pm EDT – Expo Main Hours End (explore/network 24/7!)

Thursday, June 4:
12pm EDT – Expo Main Hours Begin (explore/network 24/7!)
5pm EDT – Expo Main Hours End (explore/network 24/7!)
8pm EDT – The Affiliate Ball with MixMaster Mike from the Beastie Boys

Friday, June 5:
12pm EDT – Speaker Ballroom Officially Opens for Keynote Events

What makes this virtual trade show different and cooler than all the others I've seen?
We think any virtual trade show out there is boring! What makes us different? We're way more than just video conferencing and speaker presentations. Our Expo offers a fully immersive experience with realistic booth designs, room layouts and much more. Trade shows are more than just gathering information about people and companies – it's about networking and having some fun. The Virtual Digital Expo provides that with our Networking Room, Speaker Ballroom, Affiliate Ball Nightclub (for some partying) and much more.

I'm an exhibitor – how do I set up my booth?
If you have reserved a booth, you should have received an email from our team. If your booth is not currently designed or set up, please visit our Booth Design page and select from two options to get started.

Can I be a speaker?
While we have our Keynote Speaker line-up official set – we want EVERYONE to be able to speak at the Virtual Digital Expo. If you are an exhibitor with a reserved booth, there's good news! Anyone with a booth can schedule a speaking event right from their very own booth. We will help promote your event to all attendees and encourage you to do the same on your channels. If you are interested in scheduling a speaking event, please fill out this form.

How do I use the LIVE video feature in my booth?
We will be reaching out to all exhibitors with more details on how to access your LIVE video/chat features within your company's booth.

If I'm running a booth, do I have to use a LIVE video feature?
The short answer is no. We understand that it may be a bit intimidating sitting in front of your live cam as an exhibitor. However, we do recommend to as many exhibitors as possible to utilize this unique capability. Being able to personalize the experience might be what it takes to close the deal or get that lead. Not sure what to say or do on camera? Try inviting a guest to join you in the video and have a discussion. Or maybe make a list of 10 topics the industry is facing that you want to cover. Set up a speaking event from your very own booth by filling out this form and fill an hour or more by highlighting a topic you find important. There are endless ways to create an engaging atmosphere for those who visit your booth!